Monitoring Processes

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It is critical for providers of funding to be fully aware of all key developments connected to an Investee Company and of any other business interests connected to the key principals that may present a potential conflict of interest. Equally, funders should be alert to other potential off-balance sheet risks which could pose a risk to their investments, such as issues with a key supplier of the Investee Company.

Post-investment monitoring is an extension of our due diligence services. There are two key facets to the service that offer funders flexibility and reassurance:

On-going discreet business intelligence monitoring and regular reporting on the investment, including the key people and entities involved.

Focused, discreet and customised investigations to clarify specific issues of concern/potential concern regarding the investment as issues are uncovered, either during our regular post-investment monitoring process or arising from the funder’s own monitoring of the investment.

Contract Management:

We assist the SMEs to ensure that they meet their contractually obligations, achieve maximum value of their contractual rights, also to conduct review of actual performance against the service level agreements, hold contract meetings with contracting parties, managing risk associated with the contracts and assist with the contracts exit strategies.

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